Pop Meets the Void

Inside every musician is another musician


Shimmering, colorful and vibrant!
— Philip Smolen, Rogue Cinema
Wonderfully immersive and fun, its blend of intelligent, sophisticated storytelling, and pure entertainment value is a rare find.
— Dana Knight, TheRumpus.net
It’s a fun and wry 90 minute trip to the Void that will continue to rattle around in your brain long after it’s over.
— Jessica Baxter, HammerToNail.com
Pop Meets The Void is coarse and sleek, opaque and diaphanous, textured and emotional, a visual work about music.
— Alfred Eaker, 366WeirdMovies.com
Pop Meets the Void succeeds with honest character moments and surreal visuals.
— Chris Evangelista, CutPrintFilm.com

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