Pop Meets the Void

Inside every musician is another musician

Written & Directed by
William Cusick

Produced by
William Cusick
TaraFawn Maen

Animation & VFX
Jonathan Weiss

Daniel Bellury, Libby Csulik, Christopher Morton

Co-Executive Producers
Jeffrey Doto, Susan F. Guariano

Music by
William Cusick, Jeffrey Doto, Kyle Rothermel

Production Design
Edward Morris

Director of Photography
Bart Cortright

Costume Design
TaraFawn Maen

Sound Design
Michael Levesque & Nicole Pettigrew
Plush nyc

Derek Brown for Nitrous Ltd



Art Direction // T.V. Alexander
Art Direction // Sally Courtois
Choreographer // Leeanne G-Bowley
Assistant Choreographer // Cody Brunelle­-Potter
Gaffer // Evan Dalcher
Sound Recording // Iggy Hung
Key Grip // Lisa Itabashi
Set Photographer // Colin Poellot
Storyboards & Key Art // Barry Bruner

Special Thanks to Eirik Breininger 
for coining the phrase Pop Meets the Void

© 2017 Mechanical Reproductions Inc.