Pop Meets the Void

Inside every musician is another musician

Review Roundup

Some great shout-outs from Rogue Cinema and 366 Weird Movies - click the links for the full reviews. 

If Cusick had merely followed an orthodox route, his film would be dishonest and pedestrian. Cusick knows such a retreat must inspire a genre-rejecting, authentic composition, and Pop Meets The Void‘s fantasia qualities make it a startling work that validates the narrative as both immortal and relevant. History does not exist. Rather, the artistic expression is fluid. Marc sees continuity as opposed to an historical valve which shuts on and off: “Cezanne and El Greco are spiritual brothers, despite the centuries that separate them.” We can, of course, subscribe to the maxim there is nothing new under the sun, but Cusick stubbornly refuses to be fence-bound, charismatically imprinting his own process. -Alfred Eaker, 366 Weird Movies

"Pop Meets the Void” is a shimmering, colorful and vibrant look at the prison that struggling artists can find themselves trapped in.

The film is visually stunning. Whenever Walter shifts into another reality, Cusick uses animation and CGI graphics to depict the change. Backgrounds break apart, melt away in a miasma of colors and shapes and then reform into something new. The effects, which were created by Jonathan Weiss, are startling and they give the film a real emotional power.  -Philip Smolen, Rogue Cinema

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